AWS Lambda Functions

Using Node.js as backend

AWS Lambda

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This Lambda training course is for JavaScript coders who want to learn to rapidly create, prototype and deploy applications and/or microservices on AWS Lambda using:

  • AWS API Gateway
  • Node.js
  • npm
  • Third-party dependencies with npm

This is 100% hands-on lab!

You will use the API Gateway to call and control your Lambda functions.

Using the JavaScript programming language and Node.js as backend, you will be able to write and deploy real world microservices.

Adding third-party dependencies with npm package manager, you will be able to write real world applications beyond the (in)famous "Hello World" example.

Intended Audience

Developers, solution architects, IT users of all stripes.

The code examples are written 100% in Javascript.

Course Specifications

One-to-one Skype tuition session (60 minutes).

Access to AWS sandbox.

English or Spanish language.

If Skype is not your preferred option then other platforms as Google Hangouts or TeamViewer can be used.

Why learn AWS Lambda?

For those who are new to AWS Lambda, it is a compute service that lets you run code (written up as “Lambda functions”) without provisioning or managing servers.

Hybrid Cloud is becoming the "de facto standard" for enterprise infrastructure and AWS Lambda is gaining a major and attractive "share" in this segment:

So far in 2017, an average of 3 millions of new questions are asked per year on Stack Overflow. AWS Lambda was tagged 3,000 times.

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